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Resilient communities help us all succeed, and Kathleen supports strong education, health care, and workplace policies.

Kathleen has the skills to promote smart energy policies that lower costs, create jobs, and protect our natural resources.

Kathleen navigates tough issues with grace by listening, collaborating, and shaping solutions that help our communities thrive.





From Lyme disease to the opioid crisis, we face serious health threats. I support policies that give all Mainers access to the health care services they need and help our medical experts do their jobs. Medicaid expansion would provide that care to thousands of people stuck in the coverage gap despite the fact that most of them work, and create more than 3000 jobs in the growing healthcare sector.



All Mainers deserve the support, resources, and time to learn. Though Maine citizens mandated that the state fund 55% of the cost of public education, that funding requirement has never been met. Our towns have had to make up the difference by raising property taxes, cutting services, or both, and we’ve all paid the price. I support Stand Up for Students, which would create a 3% surcharge on income over $200,000 and completely fund the budget shortfall. I also support community-based education, like public libraries and job (re)training.



Fraud and abuse at any level are incredibly frustrating, and we’re right to be concerned about them. We’re also right to be concerned about our neighbors. Maine ranks first in New England and third in the nation for food insecurity, and drastic cuts in eligibility for food assistance have reduced programs with reducing the need. We can do better. Program review will make sure social services are accountable to taxpayers and available to the people who really need them.



Maine is simply not seeing the economic recovery other states are experiencing. As mills close and our traditional industries fade, we’re losing the iconic, skills-centered jobs we’ve always relied on. Luckily, we have a hardworking workforce with a lot to offer, and an incredible quality of life that attracts families, entrepreneurs, and remote workers. There is great potential for innovation in new areas, like renewable energy, and great opportunities in new technology, health care, and service industries. It’s time to be bold, to invest in research & development, and to meet the challenges ahead.



Increased energy efficiency and renewable energy options will lower costs for consumers, create skilled local jobs, and reduce climate-changing emissions at the same time. I’m proud to support Efficiency Maine’s work to improve the efficiency of our old housing stock; the proposed bill to expand Maine’s solar industry; and smart energy policies that reduce our reliance on out-of-state energy sources.



Climate change and the extreme weather it brings is a real concern, especially in coastal communities like ours. Our fishermen see the impact of warming waters and ocean acidification; our farmers report dramatic changes in the growing season; and our recreation industry struggles with unpredictable conditions. Luckily, caring for our environment through responsible resource management is good business as well as an obligation. I’m proud to support policies that protect the Maine we love.



Essential services – like public education – shouldn’t rely on taxes that disproportionately impact low- and middle-income earners. But cuts in state income taxes and the erosion of revenue sharing of state sales tax income have left our towns with no choice but to increase property taxes. This tax shift benefits the rich at the expense of those who work hard for a living and those on a fixed income. Our tax policy must emphasize fairness, not just shift the burden.



The onslaught of opiate use threatens the health and safety of our community. Older Mainers are both more likely to be prescribed benzodiazepines and to have health issues that put them at a greater risk for accidental overdose; young people have still-developing brains and are more prone to addiction; and first responders are increasingly called on to provide mental health and substance abuse services. The expanded availability of Narcan is already saving lives, and we must continue to strengthen our recovery communities with treatment resources and support.



Kathleen is committed to building environmentally friendly and economically strong communities for our families and the next generation.

As a working mom, a former teacher, and a green energy advocate, Kathleen knows firsthand the challenges Maine families face everyday. State decisions about energy, sustainability, education, and information access affect the quality of life we provide for our kids. Kathleen has a record of navigating tough issues with grace and she is dedicated to collaborating and shaping solutions that help our communities thrive.

Her strong background in education, science, and community development fostered her passion for lifelong learning and sustainability. Kathleen has an M.Ed. in Elementary Education, taught kindergarten through fifth grade in public and independent schools for nearly a decade, and volunteers in the Camden-Rockport schools as much as she can. She served on Rockport’s Library Committee from 2011-2015 and is now serves on the board of the Friends of the Rockport Public Library.

Kathleen works in Maine’s green economy, educating homeowners about the environmental and economic power of energy efficiency and supporting the growth of a Rockland-based small business, Evergreen Home Performance. Efficiency Maine honored her contributions to statewide energy efficiency with a 2015 award for Excellence in Marketing.

New England’s thriving local food movement inspired Kathleen to write a guide including big-picture themes, concrete advice, and profiles of farms, fisheries, markets, co-ops, and collaborations. Eating Fresh will be published by Thomaston-based Tillbury House.

Kathleen lives in Rockport with her husband, Ari, a writer and small business owner, and their two children.

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